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The ambition is to:

– Support member companies in areas such as internationalisation, competence development and innovation.

– Connect members with international companies and organisations who wish to know more about Swedish furniture industry
or to collaborate with some of its players.

– Generate business benefits through innovative collaborative projects.

– Create growth.


Many of the companies that are members of our furniture cluster represent well-known brands that are associated with Swedish design.

A large part of the Swedish furniture and home interior industry  is geographically located in small and medium-sized towns in Sweden. As a consequence, we at Interior Cluster Sweden find it natural to connect our activity to rural development and thereby contribute to the development of the overall furniture and home interior production in Sweden.  

About us

Interior Cluster Sweden is a furniture and home interior cluster based in Sweden which goal is to reach the rest of the world.


Interior Cluster Sweden is a cluster of companies such as furniture manufacturers, designers, subcontractors as well as municipalities that strive to support their local companies. Our furniture cluster is a national membership-based organisation with the mission to connect local and regional stakeholders with companies working in the industry. Our goal is to support our member companies in order for them to generate sustainable growth, increased profitability and employment, and we do this through project collaboration.


Interior Cluster Sweden is a part of the association Det Svenska Möbelklustret (The Swedish Furniture Cluster) which spreads over the neighbouring regions of ​​Småland, Västra Götaland and Skåne. In association with representatives of the design, furniture and home interior sectors, furniture manufacturers and subcontractors, the main tasks of Interior Cluster Sweden are to:


Be a gathering place and be active both within and outside our own arena
Create interest in the industry on regional, national and international level.
Spread knowledge about design and production know-how for an increased competitive edge.


– Put our furniture region on the international map.
– Enhance the visibility of the member companies of our furniture cluster.
– Increase the number of members and the number of active cluster members.
– Interact with other clusters.
– Collaborate with academies.
– Be the gathering place for activities that bring value to the industry.
– Include education and research as a natural part of the cluster's work and spread knowledge for the benefit of our members.


The cluster welcomes players in the design, furniture and home-interior industry, as well as stakeholders and academies, to become members. Our ambition is to support members within well-known topics like digitalisation, internationalisation, circular economy, competence development and innovation, but also with follow-up questions like: what does the structural transformation look like, which are the current macro trends and what is needed to achieve growth and increased profitability in the industry going forward. We also strive to make our members visible in our digital channels in order to grow and conquer the world together.

Respect – an inside Swedish design perspective on sustainability

A film produced by Interior Cluster Sweden with the aim to support Swedish furniture companies to strengthen their international relations and to make the Swedish furniture industry more visible to the world.

Swedish natural resources, distinctive sustainability thinking and values are far from obvious in all countries and is something we are proud of and through the film it is used as competitive advantages to strengthen the Swedish furniture industry on the international market.

The film becomes a voice for the sustainable perspectives that characterize the Swedish furniture and interior industry and represent and distinguish the design nation of today.

Our film "RESPECT - Inside Swedish Design" won Gold and Grand Award at the World Media Festival in Hamburg.


The furniture cluster gathers, through projects, companies located in the furniture region. These projects and activities are made possible thanks to the companies' involvement and participation, along with funding from the EU and the organisations Tillväxtverket Region Kronoberg and Region Jönköping (state- and regional organisations).


European Cluster Excellence Initiative Bronze Label Certificate: 

Interior Cluster Sweden AB was benchmarked according to a benchmarking approach developed and performed by the “European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis” of VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH ( By participating in this benchmarking the cluster organization has expressed its interest in striving for cluster excellence and is awarded with the European Cluster Management Excellence label in BRONZE. The benchmarking took place on September 18th, 2018. 
The certificate expired September 24th, 2020 and we are now heading for SILVER, december 2021.




The Interior Cluster Sweden is always interested in collaborations and welcomes you to contact us
for creating project initiatives or knowledge sharing. 


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