Inside Swedish Design

Inside Swedish Design promotes awareness, values and innovative elements in the Swedish design industry where world leading companies and internationally renowned designers coexist with the next-generation of talents and science for the interior landscape of tomorrow. Inside Swedish Design is a collaboration between Interior Cluster Sweden, The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF) and Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair to increase the presence of the Swedish Interior Industry in the global market.

Respect – an inside Swedish design perspective on sustainability

A film produced by Interior Cluster Sweden with the aim to support Swedish furniture companies to strengthen their international relations and to make the Swedish furniture industry more visible to the world.

Swedish natural resources, distinctive sustainability thinking and values are far from obvious in all countries and is something we are proud of and through the film it is used as competitive advantages to strengthen the Swedish furniture industry on the international market.

The film becomes a voice for the sustainable perspectives that characterize the Swedish furniture and interior industry and represent and distinguish the design nation of today.

Our film "RESPECT - Inside Swedish Design" won Gold and Grand Award at the World Media Festival in Hamburg.


The movie is made together with Abstracta, Blå Station, Fabrikant, Glimåkra of Sweden, Kinnarps, Källemo, Lammhults, Materia, NC Nordic Care, Nola, Offecct, Skandiform, Stolab, String, Zero och Örsjö. 

With help from Carlssons Smide, Gemla Fabrikers, Målerås glasbruk, RISE, Science Park Borås, The Swedish School of Textile, WOG metall, Åberg & Söner, Jonas Bohlin, Lisa Hilland and Charlotte von der Lancken.

Åby/Tjureda bandyhall, Telekonsultarena, Öjaby Herrgård, Asa Herrgård, Envall Productions with Vingaland teams.

Behind the scenes